Save Time and Money

Our high-tech plastic bumper repair is a quick and easy process, especially when compared to more traditional bumper repair techniques. We take great care while using advanced procedures to restore your car-esteem. We use new state-of-the-art bumper repair technology that allows us to keep the originally manufactured bumper on your car, as opposed to a traditional body shop that usually just replaces your bumper, which is more costly. As a result, you’ll pay 4x less than you would having it replaced instead! That’s the kind of quality Cloud 9 Detailing expects with every vehicle we service!

  A New Beginning

The average repair begins with reshaping and sanding down the damaged area. When deep scratches and/or gouges exist, polyurethane filler is added that is designed to remain flexible after the completion of the drying stages. Final sanding is then required in order to return the bumper to its original shape and integrity. When the preparation is complete, a coat of primer is applied before the initial color layer is sprayed. Next, the paint code is retrieved directly from your vehicle and used to obtain the perfect formula to match your vehicle’s color.

  What You Can Expect

  • We save you money.
  • We save you time.
  • We restore your car’s original parts.
  • We protect the value of your car.
  • We provide a perfect color match.
  • We precisely blend the paint.

Before and After Showcase

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