Dealership Decal Removal

Appreciation is one thing, but you didn’t pay top dollar for a rolling billboard! If you would like to see a dealership decal removed from your vehicle’s painted surface(s), we provide the delicacy needed to remove the decal and adhesive without scratching. Once the adhesive has been cleaned off the paint, we polish the area(s) to bring back their depth. Of course, we recommend having this service provided alongside one of our Complete Detailing packages!

  Bumper Sticker Removal

Removing a bumper sticker removed can be a tricky and tedious task. Some stickers just lose their taste over time, while some are unsightly additions to buying a used vehicle. Regardless of the reason, Cloud 9 Detailing can safely remove them from your vehicle! After removing the sticker, we gently remove any residual adhesive and polish the area(s) to blend the area with the rest of your vehicle. Occasionally, they just have to go! Trust us to make them disappear and look like they were never there!

  Emblem Removal

Removing emblems isn’t always desirable for most people. Although when it comes to flashy rides, some want nothing but a smooth, unoccupied paint surface! If this is something you are interested in having done, we can remove the emblems with safety and care, clean the painted surface area(s) and return the emblem(s) to you during your appointment! Keep in mind, if you have them removed, you can always have them re-applied in the future!


Due to the nature of this service, a definitive price can only be quoted based on an in-person inspection. We encourage you to call and set up a time to come in and have one of our staff take a look at the area(s) you are concerned with.