A New Beginning

A dirty, nasty carpet in your vehicle can either make or break it’s appearance. Although what’s more important is the smell(s) that are lurking inside your vehicle due to the soiled carpet and upholstery! After initially steam cleaning the carpet and upholstery, we inspect for any remain stains. If any stains remain, as an additional charge, we offer Carpet Dyeing with many various colors available for perfect color matching!

  Nothing is Off-limits

With Cloud 9 Detailing, every stain in your vehicle has met it’s match! Whether it’s a red-based dye stain, a bleach stain or even ink, we have the solutions to fully clean and re-dye the affected areas! After we steam extract the vehicle, we first dry everything to make sure all moisture is no longer present. Afterward, we match up the perfect color dye to your existing carpet or upholstery and apply!


Due to the nature of this service, a definitive price can only be quoted based on an in-person inspection. We encourage you to call and set up a time to come in and have one of our staff take a look at the area(s) you are concerned with.